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Our sales and support staff receive many inquiries from present and potential customers many of which are similar in nature. We have compiled a list of questions and answers, which represents over 80% of the general inquiries we have received during the past few years. This list is constantly being updated to reflect the latest information.

For a searchable database of frequently asked questions, please use our Knowledge Base.

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Domain Registration


Why do I need a Domain Name?
A: Domain Name is your identity on the web. To promote yourself and your business on the web it is necessary to have one. People can visit you online to know about your business through your website and you can promote your online business with the domain name.


What do .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws stand for?
  • .com represents companies or for-profit organizations. It is also the most common extension for domain names. Most personal websites also use this extension.

  • .net generally represents Internet Service Providers.

  • .org represents non-profit organizations or groups.

  • .info is the first of the new top level domains. It is designed for general use and is expected to become more popular.

  • .biz is also a new top level domain. It is designed for general business use and is expected to become more popular.

  • .ws means Website and is an excellent choice for any business or personal site. It is also a great alternative if your .com is not available.


Can I check domain name availability ?
A: Yes, you should always check for domain name availability before placing an order.


Do I have to register my domain with you?
A: We offer domain registration service as well, but you do not have to register your domain with us. We can host any domain, with any registry. We encourage you to register your domain with whom you choose.


Can I register any domain name I want?
A: You may register any domain name you want, up to a point. Your domain name must be unique because it is an address that can point only to your web site. Additionally, you cannot register a domain name that is trademarked by another company or is so similar to a trademark that it is confusing or easily mistaken for the trademark.


Can I change my domain name?
A: Once you've purchased a domain name you cannot change it. If you wish to discontinue the domain name you purchased you should refrain from renewing it when it expires and just buy another domain.


Can I keep my existing domain name if I decide to host with you?
A: Yes. You would just have to go to your domain registry's website to request a DNS change or transfer your domain to us for registration by clicking here.


Once I have a domain name secured, how long may I use it?
A: If there are no trademark disputes, your secured domain name will be yours for as long as you maintain the yearly registration fees.
Web Designing Top of the page
Q: What is the difference between Static & Dynamic design?
A: A web page is static when it can do one way interaction, for example, a typical web page comprising of text & pictures. You can only read / copy it but you can not interact with it. A web page is dynamic when it can do two way interaction i.e. make decisions based upon user input. An example is a typical web page comprising of text, pictures and a form. You cannot only read / copy it but also can interact with it.
Q: Is the number of pages, I want to have on my site, directly proportional to the web space?
A: No, pages are not the only component of a website. It is a blend of graphics, pictures, forms, backend database, logs, emails, spam filtering software, etc. all of which consume space.
Q: Can I make changes myself ?
A: Yes you can depending upon your skills. Usually minor updating can be done at the customers end but some major changes may have to be done by specialized staff.
Q: Can I use Java applets, JavaScript, and Flash pages on my site?
A: Yes, those are client-side technologies, so it doesn't matter whether Java or Flash are listed among plan features; they are supported by default.


Do you offer technical support to customers?
A: Yes, we provide Technical support to our customers through Email and telephone.


What type of software can I use to upload my site to your servers?
A: You can use any FTP program, our web based File Manager, any version of Microsoft FrontPage, Dream Weaver, Net Objects Fusion, Adobe GoLive, and many others.


Can I point multiple domains to my home page or separate folders within my website?
A: Yes. This is done with Add-on domains. You can point up to 20 additional domains to your home page or any other file or directory within your website. You can also create as many email addresses as you need and forward them to wherever you like.
Web Hosting Top of the page
Q: I don't have any experience in creating a Website. Who can help me create, host and publicize my website?
A: Please visit our Complete Websites Section for "Total Solutions" that include domain registration, hosting, designing and publicity of your website in the Internet search engines.
Q: Do you offer web design services?
A: Yes. Please visit our Website Designing section for design services OR Complete Websites section for a "Total Package" that includes domain registration, hosting, designing and publicity of your website.
Q: Can I maintain my own site once you have configured it?
A: Yes, you are free to upload/change your web pages, add/delete Email ID's etc as often as you want. Once we have allotted the web space and pointed your domain, you can manage your website easily on your own using the login information of your Website control panel.
Q: What are the numbers listed under "space" and "transfer"?
A: Space is the amount of "stuff" you can put on your website and is usually listed in megabytes (MB, millions of bytes). One single letter takes up one byte. HTML files are usually rather small but pictures and programs can get quite big. Your scripts, emails and logs will also take up space on your site. Data is transferred to and from a web server every time some one accesses your web pages / e-mails / etc. Transfer / traffic limit is the amount of data that can be transferred before you reach your monthly limit. Transfer is usually listed in gigabytes (billions of bytes). All our web hosting plans come with generous traffic limits that can suffice most normal websites.
Q: Can I access my domain without the "www" in front?
A: Yes, you will be able to access the domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name. Example: [] or [] is acceptable, whichever you prefer.
Q: Can I host the website without the domain name?
A: Yes, by a dedicated IP Address it is possible, But this is not a good practice and we suggest you to use a valid Domain Name rather than using an IP address as it would be difficult to even remember the IP address for the end user.
Q: Can I know the difference between the WINDOWS and LINUX hosting ?
A: In terms of Pricing and Security Linux would the best and user friendly side the windows platform would be best. It depends on the platform on which your site or the application is running for choosing the Operating System which you need to select. Please provide us the features list so that We can help you in choosing the same for the best performance of the website.
Q: What are the versions that are installed on your server for our application use?
A: We have Linux RHEL 4, Centos 5 and on Windows platform it is Windows 2003
Q: On what does the site speed depends Is there any thing that I can do it from my end to make the site FAST?
A: The sites speed depends on two aspects one is from server end and the other is from the end visitor end. At the server side we have a dedicated, Bust able unlimited line and the second side it depends on the ISP speed what you had opted for. Higher the speed the site appears.
Q: On what does the site speed depends basing on the platform on which it is running?
A: The site performance depends on the below aspects related to the platform on which it is designed. If the site is simple and static then the appearance would be faster when compared to that of a FLASH site.
Q: Which Database is user friendly Ms Sql or MySql ?
A: The two databases are User friendly but basing on the technical aspects the Mysql database has a WEB INTERFACE to get the data transfer from the local to the database server whereas for MS Sql database you need to you need to use a sql client software which needs to be installed and used to update the database on the server.
Q: If I opt for multiple domain names at a single time and want to host one single domain with the space what you are providing. Can I visit this content using my multiple domain names?
A: Yes, this is very much possible. This in called as Domain Alias. If you take multiple domains in single transaction from the website and want to host only single domain and point the rest of the domains to this we can do that, provided we want you to mention about which should be the primary domain that needs to be hosted on the server.
Q: What are the options that you are providing to check the emails and how does it Manage the email ids from my end?
A: We are providing multiple options for you to check the emails. Here are the few.
1. You can check the emails by using Mail component installed on your machine such as OUTLOOK EXPRESS / MS OUTLOOK etc.
2. You can use the web interface such as etc for checking the emails
Technical FAQ’s Top of the page
Q: What is SMTP Relay?

SMTP Relay lets you send email messages through your email account using your existing email service. For example, you can continue to use Microsoft Outlook to compose, receive, and send email messages, but the actual email messages are processed through our SMTP relaying services. This lets you bypass ISP restrictions on your outbound email messages and allows you to use your professional looking "" email address rather than a general “sales@domain” address.

Our SMTP relay service is provided to you as part of your email account. As such, you must set up the service when you configure your email account settings. Your email account includes 250 SMTP relays per mailbox per day. This limit resets at 1:00 A.M., Arizona time. If you need more than 250 relays for your mailbox, you can purchase additional relay packs (in packs of 50).

Q: What are Email Headers?

Every email message includes a block of text at the top that is referred to as the header. The header contains details about the message, including the sender's information, the recipient's information, the servers that handled the message as it traveled from the sender to the recipient, etc. However, many email clients don't display the header information by default.

To view the full header information using different email clients:

  • Open the message for which you want to view the header information.
  • From the View menu, select Options.
  • In the Message Options window, copy all of the text in the Internet Headers field.
  • Go back to the Spam Abuse Report form and paste the Internet Header information you just copied in the Submit Complaint field.
  • Click Submit Complaint.
Outlook Express
  • Open the message for which you want to view the header information.
  • From the File menu, select Properties.
  • In the Message Properties window, go to the Details tab.
  • Copy all of the text in the Internet Headers for this Message field.
  • Go back to the Spam Abuse Report form and paste the Internet Header information you just copied in the Submit Complaint field.
  • Click Submit Complaint.
  • Open the message for which you want to view the header information.
  • In the Message Toolbar, click the BLAH BLAH BLAH icon to display the header information.
  • Copy all of the header information text at the top of the email message.
  • Go back to the Spam Abuse Report form and paste the Internet Header information you just copied in the Submit Complaint field.
  • Click Submit Complaint.
  • Open the message for which you want to view the header information.
  • From the View menu, select Message Source.
  • Copy all of the header information text at the top of the email message.
Go back to the Spam Abuse Report form and paste the Internet Header information you just copied in the Submit Complaint
Q: WebBased Email
A: Open the message for which you want to view the header information.
From the More Action drop down list, select View Full Headers, and then click Apply.
Copy all of the header information text at the top of the email message.
Go back to the Spam Abuse Report form and paste the Internet Header information you just copied in the Submit Complaint field.
Click Submit Complaint.
Q: What is Spam?

In terms of email delivery, “spam” is unsolicited bulk email. Spam is generally considered junk email and can be a continuing annoyance to its recipients. It is considered poor netiquette to send spam.

The Spam Settings preferences in Web-Based Email allow you to set behavior for filtering spam and adding email addresses to your Allowed List or Blocked List. Adding an email address or domain name to your Blocked List treats email messages from that email address or domain as spam and filters them based on your spam settings. Adding an email address to your Allowed List allows you to receive any message from that email address or domain.

You can manage the SPAM filters option from the email control panel provided to you. Not only from the email control panel but this can be partially managed by using the individual email account.

You can turn your spam filter on or off, specify how to handle email messages that are identified as spam, and specify the level you want to use for filtering.

Q: What is Phishing?

Phishing schemes are attempts to steal sensitive personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc., through the distribution of fraudulent email messages.

A phishing scheme typically consists of an email message that appears to originate from a trusted source, but instead is an attempt to obtain and exploit sensitive user information, such as login credentials for the targeted user's online bank account. Often, the message asks you to "update" account information (including credit card and checking account information, social security numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers). Most phishing scams instruct you to do so using a form in the body of the email. Sometimes, you will be prompted to click a link that appears to lead to an authorized Web site that belongs to a legitimate, trusted company.

The idea is to make you take the bait by entering the requested data or clicking the link and providing the requested data to the fraudulent party, which then attempts to exploit the obtained information.

As more and more communication and transactions are taking place online, phishing schemes and other attempts to steal sensitive personal information have become increasingly prevalent and innovative.

Phishing attacks against online consumers have become so widespread that an estimated 57 million Americans have received fraudulent email messages and 1.98 million may have fallen victim to the subsequent scams, resulting in approximately $1.2 billion in direct costs to U.S. banks and credit card issuers.*

Our advanced fraud protection program effectively protects you from phishing schemes by detecting and intercepting phishing attempts and other fraudulent email messages before they reach your inbox.

*According to a study by research firm, Gartner, Inc.

Q: SSL Certificates
A: An SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a Web site and encrypts information that is sent to the server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL certificates—built around stringent, industry-leading authentication measures—allow Web site owners to secure all online transactions with up to 256-bit encryption. An SSL certificate on a Web site ensures that sensitive data is safe from prying eyes.
Q: What is Online File Folder?
A: Online File Folder is a browser-based application that allows you to store and access your important files, safely and securely – online. Much like a folder on your hard drive, Online File Folder allows you to back up your files and stores them in a safe place for you. You'll have access to your files 24/7, you can share your files with others, and you can even encrypt your files for an extra level of protection
Q: What is FTP?
A: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used when transferring files/web pages to the web portal. The files are transferred using FTP clients such as cuteftp, wsftp, command prompt, file zilla. This can also be done using the web interface  
E-Mail FAQ’s


What is an alias?
A: An alias is a 'virtual' mail account, whose only purpose is to forward mails to one or more mail accounts.

E-mail services?


Email accounts:- This accounts manages the incoming and the outgoing emails onto your account. This requires an authentication to login and can be used via web from anywhere.

Email forwarding:- You can create the option using email Control panel and this would enable to send the emails from the original email address to the forwarded account.

Email alias:- You can create the alias option to get the same email to multiple email ids. This feature can be enabled from the email control panel.

Email auto responders:- Auto responders are the Notices what your email id would sending to the email account which sends you an email.


E-mail policy and limits?


Email ids unlimited.

Email space for each id can be configured as per your requirement.

Email quota for a domain is limited to 500 MB in Basic Plan and 3 GB to professional plan.

You can set all the email features using the email control panel provided to you.

Can't receive mail but can send mail?

A: The reason for this problem could be many such as ISP is not resolving the host name for the incoming email / pop server, then the solution is change the hostname to IP address and try. You can get the IP address by pinging the hostname. This is the faster means of communication what a server can be accessed.

Can't send mail but can receive - 


The reason for this problem could be many such as ISP is not resolving the host name for the outgoing email / SMTP server, then the solution is change the hostname to IP address and try. You can get the IP address by pinging the hostname. This is the faster means of communication what a server can be accessed.


Some e-mail attachments are not received


There can be multiple reasons for this to happen.

The sender need to check the limit of the size set on the SMTP server using which attachment would be marketed as is over limit in size that he SMTP server is not sending the same while email is shoot out.

The attachment for the incoming server would also be limited by default. This limit needs to be cross checked and then check the limit of the attachment what you are expecting so that if it is less than what you are looking that you can increase the same.

The reason could also be few settings based on the proxy server what you are using. You can check the same from your end to rectify the same.


E-mail doesn't seem to work?


The email working can be cross checked by using any other interface and then come to a clear conclusion of what the problem is. For example if your outlook has stopped working then you can use the web interface to check the server connectivity such as etc which supports you to check the emails from the web interface. If you are able to successfully check this then your local desktop has some problem and can be rectified by your system administrator. 


What is the maximum attachment size I can send through my email account?


This depends on the server configuration and as of now it is 10 MB.


How do I set up a mail account?


You can access the E mail control panel to set the email account Please have a look at the Control panel details which our support team has emailed you. By using them you can connect to the control panel and then follow the below procedure.


Can I specify a fixed size for my mail accounts?


Yes this is very much possible this can be done as per your requirement either at the time of creating the email id or any time that you require to modify the space for the email box. Please login to the Control panel and follow the below steps to do the same from your end.


Can I use your SMTP server?


My provider has closed (smtp) port 25. Can I still send via you?
Yes this is possible if you can configure the same from your outlook express then it is easy to send email using our SMTP server.


Can I send mails from my website?


Yes this is possible using a scripting and programming on your website you can send emails. Please write an email for the customization team with all requirement so that we can get back to you with a quote for the same.


How do I use web mail?


You can use the web mail option by using the and with your login authentication you can access the emails via web.


How do I configure the spam filter?


You can configure the SPAM filers using the Control panel provided to you. Login to your Control Panel and then check for the email options then Spam settings and edit them and save the features. In general this is the procedure to block the same.


How do I configure the Virus filter?


You can configure the Virus filers using the Control panel provided to you. Login to your Control Panel and then check for the email options then Virus settings and edit them and save the features. In general this is the procedure to block the same.



Is there a size limit for my database?

Yes you have a limit of Database size which is 50 MB and you can maintain multiple tables and structure etc on to this size. The size would sufficient for the basic and medium sites purpose. If you need additional space for the database then you can increase the same on a request to our sales team.

Where can I obtain information on MySQL?

What information do I need to create a connection to the database?
PHPMYADMIN URL, login username, login password, Database name.

How do I administrate the database?
You can access the database and then manage the same using the web interface provided to you.

Billing Department
Q: How do I make a payment?    
A: You can make the payment using your credit card via our secured pay pal account/ Credit Cards  & we have online Transfer facility , once you transfer please send the info to
Q: I need my payment Invoice how do I get that?
A: The invoice would be delivered to your email id as a softcopy once you done registration successfully or login to your control panel and click on generate invoice .


I have made all the payments that were due on my account, why is my account still suspended?
A: You can send the receipt what you got as the confirmation for the services what you had opted so that the site would be resumed or please contact us with domain details and the payment details.


I have already made my payments. Why am I being contacted to pay?
A: Basing on the regular additional usage what your account is utilizing there may be an email for you to pay for the extra money which is apart from the regular usage for which you must have already paid.


Why was the order that I placed marked fraud?

The transaction what you had done to opt the services from and the authorization is done from the secured payment gateway which cross checks the accounts of credit so you need to cross check the same from your bank to get the clear information on this transaction/ check in your pay pal account for clear information in case you already register.

They may also happen due to many transactions which were declined due to low or no credit on your account or in case of enter wrong name the pay pal cannot accept the card .

Q: What is SEO?
A: SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is a technique whereby the website is designed and built in a manner that it is able to rank higher in search results for a particular word/phrase.
Q: What is a search engine?
A: Search engine is a software program. It is designed to aid the users in searching documents, pages, files or folders, images, video, audio that is stored on the Internet.
Q: What is a directory?

A directory is similar to a search engine in the sense that it too indexes websites. Directories are divided into various categories and sub-categories. Some directories charge a fee for reviewing a website, while others charge a fee for the inclusion of the website.

Q: Are all search engines same and equal?
A: Though the basic characteristic of all search engines remains the same, each is unique. Algorithms, robots may cause difference in the way a search engine works. From the user point of view, they are different because of the speed with which a search engine gets the result, the layout, the way a sponsored link is displayed and its placement on the page.
Q: Why is SEO important and how can it help my business?
A: To start with the fact that you have a website means that you want to reach out to clients and prospective customers, thus, the visibility of your website is of prime importance. SEO is the process of identifying the ideal keywords for a website and optimizing it in order to ensure that the website achieves high rankings on search engines and directories for those specific search terms and phrases. This in turn will direct the target audience to the website and should translate into revenue for it.
Q: How do I know that my SEO vendor is indulging in unethical SEO practices?
A: . Some of the unethical SEO practices that one should steer clear of include the following:
  • Page cloaking is when the website shows keyword rich pages to a robot but displays pages that are useless to the Internet user.
  • Linkfarms are sites that have numerous links and are used to make a profit usually for an affiliate advertising program.
  • Duplicate content should be avoided as it may stop your website from being indexed.
  • Keyword stuffing: over usage of keywords in the content
  • Spamming keywords in the title tag and meta tags.
  • Pagejacking: it means stealing content from other website and pasting it on one's own site.

One should ensure that the SEO vendor is not using such practices or any other black hat SEO practices for it might harm your search engine rankings.

Q: Despite getting a lot of traffic to my website there isn't any change in online sales. Why?
A: You first need to study if the keywords from which your website is optimized is concurrent to your business and the products on sale. Next the website design and structure needs to be analyzed in order to ensure that the website is attractive and inspire confidence in the traffic. Other factors that need to be considered include easy navigation and the amount of time taken to load pages. Similarly, the contact details should be placed in a manner that they are easily noticed on any page.
Q: Despite attempts to get keywords ranked, there have been no results. Why?
A: The website would need to be studied carefully to decide why keywords are not getting ranked. However a few points to consider include:
  • If you have paid for submissions but are unable to see results then most probably the keywords and the website are not fitting the criteria set by the search engines.
  • If the website is new, wait for at least three months before you start making any major changes.
  • After this period if keywords are still not ranked then you need to employ optimization techniques such as linking to quality text from other websites, taking on advertising partners, etc.
Q: Is there any way by which I can get my website accepted faster into DMOZ?
A: The selection process employed by is fairly unclear though the guidelines are clear and simple. Here is what you can do to try and get accepted into DMOZ:
  • Ensure that editorial guidelines provided by DMOZ are followed
  • Select the correct sub-category
  • Submit a meaningful website
Q: What is the future of SEO?
A: The future of SEO lies primarily in good, focused content that increase the website's credibility. The visitor popularity criterion is expected to gain a lot of importance and assist in turning traffic into actual sales.

One-way text links will continue to remain important and article PR and niche directory submission will see an increase as will article submission sites. User popularity is expected to become as crucial as link popularity. On the other hand reciprocal linking, mass e-mail link requests, free directory submissions and link buying would see a decline.
Q: What is KEI and how is it useful?
A: KEI or Keyword Effectiveness Index is a system of ranking how popular a keyword is and the amount of competition it has on the Internet. With a high KEI your keywords will be more popular and will have less competition and thus will have a good chance to get a good ranking. A lower KEI indicates that the keywords are not as popular and have a lot of competition. Hence a high KEI means that the keywords on your website are more profitable.
Q: What does PageRank mean?
A: PageRank is a Google ranking system that is based on links. PageRank is calculated by votes given to the links on a web page and the number of links pointing to that web page. Thus lesser number of links means more share of the vote is provided to each link. PageRank is given on a scale of 0-10. However, the importance of the link in that page content is also given due consideration. For e.g. a auto spare part manufacturing site having links to a site on writing will not be given importance by Google. Similarly, Google also gives importance to the site, which is giving the link. For e.g. if 'A' a well-known site provides a link to site 'B', this link will be given more importance than a link given by site 'C' which is a relatively unknown site.
Q: What is TrustRank?
A: TrustRank is a system that helps identify reputable pages from those that considered as Spam. It uses both automation and human efforts. The algorithm chooses a seed set of pages that are then evaluated by humans. An inverse PageRank that selects websites that link to many sites identifies a seed set. The final set is created after eliminating sites that aren't listed on major directories and sites such as DMOZ clones. Once the seed set is analyzed by humans it is then rated by the algorithm on the basis of their connectivity with trusted seed pages. Thus the farer a page is from a trusted site the less chances of it being trusted. TrustRank can be used independently or along with other ranking systems such as PageRank.
Q: What is the purpose of a sandbox?
A: A sandbox is a type of filter that was put to use by Google in 2004.The main purpose of using sandbox is to stop newly formed sites from achieving higher rankings. The philosophy behind sandbox is to let newly formed websites to first prove their mettle, before allotting them a rank. Thus it sieves the good sites from the bad ones.
Q: What is Google Analytics and how is it useful?
A: Google Analytics is a free web-statistics solution that provides regular website statistics and also combines it with Google Adwords. Thus Google Analytics informs you of how visitors found your website and the manner in which they behave on it. The advantages of Google Analytics are that web statistics are accessible and this can be used to make the site more search engine friendly.
Q: How will two websites with mirror content but different keywords and meta tags effect their rankings on a search engine?
A: Most major search engines are clear that they do not want sites with mirror content submitted. Submitting such websites may see them both being banned by search engines.
Q: If a company does not take its website's SEO seriously how can it be convinced to think otherwise?
A: The fact that a company has a website means that it wants attention of the target audience. If it does not take its SEO seriously then the very purpose of the website is lost. In modern economy websites have become a necessity for companies to maintain visibility and focus in the market. Online marketing and sales is a major part of any business' revenue. A company that truly wants to be successful cannot neglect it. Without proper SEO for the website, your company would be losing out on opportunities and sales. Also a website allows you to cultivate a certain image that you want to associate your company with. It is important to recognize the vast opportunities that the Internet holds for your business and then master them. A look at how a rival is doing because of good rankings is also a good way to get the attention of the management of the company.
Q: What leads to a lowering of ranking and how to avoid it?
A: A newly launched website or newly optimized website can lower the rankings of one's own site. Broken link, link farms, excessive usage of keywords are some of the other factors which can lower the rankings of a website.
Product FAQ's

Can you provide this demo for evaluation?

A: In accordance with our mission we provide this demo evaluation based on registration process on selection of your desired product. To access the product we provide login user id and password. We provide one week evaluation. Please contact our customer care for product enquiries.

What to do after Demo Evaluation period or period of free use is over?

A: These programs are updated every month. At the time of update the software are designed to work for full featured demo evaluation. After the demo evaluation is over you can get in touch with our customer or sales department for your immediate product requirement.  
Q: What if the software is not 100% as per my requirements and I need changes or further upgradations in the software?

We shall be pleased to carry out the modification in the package as per your requirements at reasonable extra charges. Such additional charges depend on the extent of customization required by you. Please give more details if you require any such customization and we shall be pleased to quote for the same.

We shall do all customization work in professional, timely and cost effective manner. You shall also have chance to see the development being done and give your continuous feedback. Please email us for more details.


What are the hard ware and software requirements?

A: All the standard version of the software currently uses PHP 4&5 as front end development tool. The back end databases are MYSQL version (5.1). The MYSQL version of the software does not need any other software in order to run. You must have MYSQL server installed on your computer with a supporting OS like Linux, The charges for porting software for use with MYSQL server are extra. Please email us for more details
Q: What Customer Support is offered by hyderabadwebsolutions?

Customer support is available 24/7 /365.
1. You can send us questions about your website or you may also email us for support at .
2. Speak to our Sales or Product Support Specialist for Assistance on Call for FREE support for INDIA 9:30 am to 9:00Pm call at 91 9849920968

In case you need help in downloading or using the 1 week evaluation version software please do not hesitate to email us at  or call us on the above mentioned numbers.